A powerhouse for creation

The industrial facility was built in 1904 out of wood and bricks, it hosted various activities that all share one common point: innovation and creation.

In the 2000’s, the 3000m² plant was revamped into artists’ studios. Since then, la Fabrique offers studios for rent to painters, sculptors and visual artists from all over the world.

Zahra Holm

Ségolen and Melissa strive to provide a place where artists can create with a total peace of mind. They look after every detail of their guests’ projects, to ensure a bespoke and flawless environment.
Location, configuration and originality of the place, make it a perfect space that provide calm, light, comfort and security.

La Fabrique provides artists with comprehensive communication tools. It shall, in particular, enhance artists’ visibility through newsletters and organization of events, along with a high visibility on the Internet and social networks.

La Fabrique can provide support to the artists for the creation of their website.